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Biology in context


Biology, the science of all things living, has progressed massively in the past few years. It has made world-changing advances in medicine , agriculture and our understanding of the nature around us. However, not all progress is  obviously positive. More and more we are hearing about new discoveries that could shape our future dramatically: can GM crops ruin the natural ecosystem? Are vaccines dangerous? Will we start making ‘designer babies’? Biology is not just for the white-coated scientist in the lab, it affects everyone – including you.

Biology in Context aims to bridge the gap between scientists and non-scientists by offering a source of condensed, easy to understand biological context to these new discoveries.

Sea Turtle


In order to battle the misinformation pandemic around coronavirus and its disease biologyincontext has launched a joint effort between young scientists to try to answer your questions using facts, and nothing else. 

Send us a question thats on your mind, check out answers to previous questions in the posts below or find out more about us on the contact page.

Misinformation pandemics can be just as dangerous as viral ones - get involved with our search for the truth and contact us at biologyincontext@gmail.com or on social media